Art for Charity is a project of German company Koh i Noor highlighting the work of French sculptress, Amaryllis Bataille. In collaboration with partners at chosen locations throughout the world, Art for Charity will place approximately 100 AMA sculptures at hotels, yacht and golf clubs and other prominent environments, all near and related to water.

Each AMA will bear the name of her partner location and its coordinates and will therefore become a unique collectors item. She can be sold at any time at a minimum price of € 15000 plus local taxes. From this amount € 5000 will be donated to charity, the balance will cover the artists work, production costs, delivery charges, marketing and promotion costs and any other expenses.

Should the sculpture not be sold after three to five years, it will be auctioned publicly or on the internet. Substantial sales proceeds will be donated to a selected Charitable organization, chosen jointly with the local partner.

Once sold she may be replaced by one of her sisters, in order to continue the cycle without interrupting the mysterious link between the woman and the sea.